March 04, 2014

Off the Green Line: Brigham Circle

Green T Coffee Shop opened in February 2012

Wentworth’s urban location offers a plethora of opportunities for students. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Green Line, located right in front of campus, gives students access to a wide range of destinations around the city. The “Off the Green Line” series maps out some of the traditional, as well as some of the unconventional, places to see around Boston.

Brigham Circle

WAN’s Convenience Store/Al’s Deli, 1508 Tremont St.

What started as your typical corner convenience store has since grown into a locally famous sandwich shop. On any given day, the place is a mecca for college students eagerly awaiting a signature, hand-crafted sandwich by owner Al Niles, a native of the West Indies. After Stop & Shop entered the neighborhood in 2004, slowing Niles’ business, he received formal food training and became city-certified to house an in-store kitchen. And so, Al’s Deli was born.  

There’s little rhyme or reason to the quirky, energetic store owner/delicatessen connoisseur’s operations. Rather than creating an initial menu himself, Niles took advice from the surrounding college students, using them as critics and taste-testers for his culinary creations. Most of his sandwiches today include an eclectic selection of meats, accompanied by authentic West Indies spices and fresh French bread. Everything’s fresh and made-to-order. Come in one day and don’t know what you want? Let Al know. He’ll whip something original up for you on the spot.  

Read more about WAN’s Convenience/Al’s Deli here.

Green T Coffee Shop, 754 Huntington Ave.

The food is as clever as the name. Stop by in the morning for a sweet and savory breakfast sandwich complete with two eggs, two pieces of bacon, maple ham, and sausage between two pieces of powdered-sugar-topped French toast. Come back later for the “After School Omelette,” a bacon and mac-n-cheese omelet on seven-grain bread. If you need a sweet afternoon kick, grab a Butterfinger latte.

And Green T cares about the locals. Everything is locally sourced–from the products to the staff, and even the artwork decorating the walls. The shop serves Fair Trade coffee and uses sustainable ingredients for all of its dishes. So “Go Green,” grab a signature latte and original sandwich, and enjoy this Huntington Avenue haven.

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Kevin W. Fitzgerald Park, corner of St. Alphonsus St. and Tremont St. 

Weather permitting, take your orders to-go and head to Kevin W. Fitzgerald Park. Named after the former Mission Hill state representative, this community park provides a unique Boston experience, combining dramatic views of the city with peaceful natural surroundings. Explore the park through winding paths complete with signage of the park’s history, or enjoy a picnic on the central lawn that overlooks downtown.

The park is currently open from 6:00 a.m. until dusk, and until 9:00 p.m. during the summer.

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