October 23, 2013

A Future in Steel

Colt Chauvin, '15

Colt Chauvin, Civil Engineering Technology, 2015

Co-op Employer:  Building Construction Steel Erectors

Co-op Position:  Project Manager

Hometown:  Morrisville, VT

Colt Chauvin, Civil Engineering Technology ’15, hopes to follow his father and grandfather into the construction business. After completing a co-op at Building Construction Steel Erectors in Gillette, Wyo., this summer, he is well on his way to making that dream a reality.  

As a project manager, Chauvin played an integral role in the development of local buildings, such as a high school and a hospital, by overseeing the crew and assisting with welding, layout, and decking.

Out of all the buildings Chauvin’s helped construct, his work on the WYO Theater in Sheridan, Wyo., is the one he is most proud of. He and his crew built a new addition onto the theater, but first had to tear down the neighboring building to make room for it. Chauvin explained that this particular project stood out to him because it was the first time he had been involved in demolishing a building.

“Every other project was from scratch,” Chauvin said. “We were just building on empty space. This time, we had to tear a building down to make room for the add-on.”

Chauvin credits his classes at Wentworth with giving him the tools he needed to excel at his co-op, specifically his plan-reading class, which he described as the “entire basis for what I was doing.” While he’s happy to be back on campus and out of the 100-degree summer sun, he does miss the feeling of seeing his hard work pay off right in front of him.

“When I would be out there on the site, all the cars would drive by and everyone would look up in amazement at what we were doing,” Chauvin said. “Everyone was excited to see what it would become.”

In the future, Chauvin plans to continue in the construction and steel industry, and one day potentially go into business with his father. 

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