August 12, 2013

Finding Accountability in the Medical World

Isabella Grassetti

Isabella Grassetti, Biomedical Engineering, 2015

Co-op Employer:  Tegra Medical

Co-op Position:  Lean Implementation Co-op

Hometown:  Monson, Mass.

Finding a co-op student with the ability to take a skillful look at medical devices and analyze corporate behavior is not always an easy task. Luckily for Tegra Medical, a medical device company that provides precision machining and contract information services, they found that person in Wentworth student Isabella Grassetti ’15.

Grassetti learned of Tegra through Wentworth’s Career Services office and relates that the experience has been more than rewarding thus far. “Some of the things I’m learning here are things that I had never even heard of before,” she says, crediting the co-op program for exposing her to new knowledge and skills.

At its core, Grassetti’s co-op allows her to work in lean implementation, maximizing the value of products for Tegra customers while also minimizing waste. At first, Grassetti was completing basic assignments for the company, but the departure of a colleague in early June opened up a larger project for her with much more responsibility.Grassetti works with colleague Sean Hally.

“I’ve learned a lot through my project assignment about adhering to policies, FDA regulations and being accountable,” says Grassetti. “I looked at the problem and asked, ‘What is the root cause?’” She shares that at the center of the project was a need to correct incorrect equipment and a need for improved training to retain knowledge on operation practices. She is now leading training programs at the company on how to run equipment and how to train effectively. 

Using her new knowledge of lean practices, as well as company resources, Grassetti is now working to close out the project. Throughout her Tegra experience Grassetti communicated with outside sales representatives, internal operators, and the executive team. In addition to gaining more technical expertise, she has attained a better appreciation for human variables in the workplace.

If Grassetti comes across as confident and well-equipped to teach a group of co-workers several years her senior, it is perhaps due to her background. She has held leadership positions both on and off campus and is currently a coxswain for the Wentworth rowing team.

After graduation, Grassetti plans to enroll in graduate programs and is interested in working with medical implants and in neurology. “The co-op has helped a lot with where I want to go,” she said. “I dove in head first and I’m so glad I did. It was a really good choice.”

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