April 10, 2013

Student Goes to Washington

Senator Mark Begich and Jackson Spivey

Jackson Spivey worked in the Washington, D.C., offices of an Alaskan senator.

Jackson Spivey, Business Management, 2013

Co-op Employer:  Office of Mark Begich

Co-op Position:  Co-op

Hometown:  Anchorage, Alaska

Politically Minded

Jackson Spivey’s co-op, working in the office of Mark Begich, a junior senator from Spivey’s home state of Alaska, allowed him to learn about the issues facing Americans today.  “We were asked at the beginning of the internship if there were things we wanted to focus on,” Spivey said. “Since I’m a business management major, I wanted to focus on the economy and budget issues.” Even though he was an intern, Spivey’s job included high-level responsibilities, including a weekly economic news report for the Senate majority offices. “It’s pretty cool to see that every Senator was reading something that I had put together on a weekly basis,” he said.  

All in the Family

“I grew up in a politically focused family,” Spivey said. “My parents always pushed me to read-up and know what’s going on.” His interest in working in D.C. grew from a strong political interest he’s had his whole life. “My parents never pushed me into an opinion, it was always, ‘form your own opinion.’”

Building Connections

Spivey says he’d love to return to D.C. after graduation to work for Begich, or find a political job in Alaska. He believes his business management degree will allow him to keep up with the fast-paced environment of politics. “Whether it be in an advocacy position or back on Capitol Hill, I would love to use my degree to work for the greater good,” Spivey said. “Most of the people I worked with in the office were from Alaska so it was great to have the opportunity to build connections.”

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