November 26, 2012

Boston Museum Comes to Wentworth

Several years ago, Wentworth professor Lois Ascher visited the West End Museum after beginning to teach a course on the history of Boston and learning more about the West End, an often forgotten Boston neighborhood.

“I went down to the museum and within five minutes I felt like a member of the community,” said Ascher, who now brings all of her classes to the museum.

Now, in a partnership with the museum’s executive director Duane Lucia, the West End Museum came Wentworth. The exhibit, entitled Boston’s West End: Moving Forward/Looking Back, was specially designed for the Beatty Library based around how students use the space.

The exhibit focuses on the history and evolution of the West End neighborhood, which was first a home to rope-making factories, then to an immigrant community at the start of the 20th century, which was pushed out by the city of Boston in the 1950s and 60s in the name of urban renewal.

The exhibit ran in the Alumni Library in Beatty Hall from November 7 - 26.

Duane Lucia and West End community organizer Jim Campano kicked off the exhibit with lectures.

“Wentworth is putting students out there who are going to be architects, engineers, designers, and urban planners. I think this exhibit plants the seeds for considering the human part of the population and recognizing that the social part of any area that you’re building in is always going to be affected by what you do,” said Lucia. 

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