September 17, 2012

New Students Reflect on Opening Week

During the first week of orientation and classes—officially known as WOW (Wentworth Opening Week) on campus—students received laptops, participated in orientation activities, and shared their hopes and expectations for the upcoming year at Wentworth.

The prospect of developing bonds and friendships with people from across the country and even the world is top on the incoming students’ priority list.

“I’m most excited about meeting tons of new people,” said Olivia Gatison, from North Haven, Conn. “Just being in such a great college city and getting my hands into civil engineering and starting my life.”

There was also the general consensus that beginning college officially marked the end of high school and greater independence.

“It’s not [like] high school where you’re stuck in a place,” said Michael McDonald, from Dartmouth, Mass. “I can meet people here, meet people there, just have fun and do school work at the same time. It’s different from high school and it’s so much better.”

McDonald, an architecture major, had already hung a large Italian flag in his dorm room in Evans Way. Just one week earlier, he had put a tattoo of the Hindu god Ganesha, the lord of success, on his right upper arm, a gesture to encourage him to make the most of this new beginning.

“It has many meanings,” McDonald said, about the tattoo. “He has a big head, so think big, talk less, and experience more.”

Not all new students seemed as anxious as McDonald to cut old ties. Brianna Lee from Portsmouth, R.I., said the first decoration added to her new dorm room in Tudbury Hall was a decorative tree made of rhinestones, a gift from her mother.

“I have it on my desk right now so it always reminds me of her when I look at it,” Lee said. She planned to decorate her room with a Korean flag and little fans, as well.

Other students, while excited to begin their own journeys, were also focused on a successful future and on how Wentworth could help them accomplish their goals.

“The co-op program is really, really good, so [I will be] trying to get through that and get a really good job afterward,” said Rupinder Kaur, a computer science major from Somerville, Mass.

Kaur’s friend from high school, Sandreh Abbuah, a student in the new applied math program and originally from Ghana, Africa, had similar goals. “Leave here with awesome connections, get a great job,” Abbuah said.

Then, Abbuah added, in Fanti, “Akwaaba Wentworth,” or, “Welcome to Wentworth.”

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