May 07, 2012

Graduate Feature: Michele Quinn

Master of Architecture

What did you enjoy most about your program?
Someone once said, “to travel is to live,” and in terms of my architectural education, the study abroad program and the master’s Travel Studio were by far my most enjoyable moments. Not only is it a time to really get to know yourself, and your fellow classmates, I learned the most about architecture on these trips.  Architecture isn’t something that makes sense on paper, or in elevation drawings, it’s something that needs to be experienced. The study abroad coordinator would always step into a space and ask the group, “how does this space make you feel?” 

What’s the most important thing you learned at Wentworth – what’s your biggest takeaway?
One of the most important things that I learned at Wentworth—in a variety of ways—is to never settle. Through design, I learned to never be complacent with a design, to always be critical of my own solutions. In my future, my thesis advisor told me that I really can achieve anything, get any job, go anywhere, as long as I never give up and settle with something less. In leadership development, my supervisors always had me setting personal goals, and reflecting upon my growth in order to be better, always. 

What did you like best about co-op?
Co-op has been an amazing experience. I was able to do three co-op semesters in three very different positions, and each one taught me something different. My first co-op taught me a lot about simply being in a professional office and being a designers assistant; my second co-op was with an engineering firm so I learned a lot about buildings from a sustainable system outlook; and my third co-op was with a non-profit design consultancy where I learned about meeting clients’ needs and making professional presentations.

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