May 07, 2012

Graduate Feature: Dana Killam

Electromechanical Engineering

What did you enjoy most about your program?
I enjoyed the opportunity to learn both mechanical engineering as well as electrical engineering, in one degree. The hands on laboratory experience in conjunction with the theory based learning provided a well-rounded approach to learning the subject matter. For just about every class there was a lab where you could get your hands dirty and understand applications of what was learned in the classroom. This not only helped me at my time at Wentworth, but also in my co-op experience and my present job.

What was your most memorable college experience?
The most memorable college experience I have had would have to be the engineering design projects. Nothing comes close to the feeling of working as hard as you can on your design, putting it all together, and having nothing work by the end of it. After the frustration subsides, there is usually a moment where the answer falls right in front of you and you realize the simplest thing was keeping if from working. There is a great sense of accomplishment knowing that a design was created by you and it actually works.

What’s the most important thing you learned at Wentworth – what’s your biggest takeaway?
The biggest takeaway for me from Wentworth was learning how to solve problems. Wentworth gives you the hands on experience and knowledge to look at problems and find many solutions.

What did you like best about co-op?
I did one of my semesters of co-op at Varian Semiconductor Equipment in Gloucester, Mass., as an electrical engineering intern. I most enjoyed how hands on the engineering was. I also enjoyed the moments where I could relate something I learned in school to what I was doing on the job. Co-op really tied loose ends and solidified the learning experience at Wentworth.

What are your future plans?
My future plans are to work and be enrolled in the engineering developmental program at Varian. I will be going to a few different areas to get a rounded experience of different types of engineering at the company. I will also continue as an on-call firefighter in my hometown of Georgetown, Mass.

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