August 18, 2011

Graduate Profile Paul Britton

Headshot of PaulComputer Engineering Technology

What did you enjoy most about your program?
What most intrigued me about my program is that it allowed me to grasp a comprehensive understanding of both the analogical and digital sides of engineering.

What was your most memorable college experience?
Looking back at my sophomore year, I’d have to say the most memorable experience was juggling a five course schedule, leadership roles in two student organizations, a part-time job and a research project. I had yet to learn the value of prioritizing and placing limits on the demands for my time.

What’s the most important thing you learned at Wentworth – what’s your biggest takeaway?
My biggest takeaway from Wentworth is that the engineering field must be further explored on the graduate level. Wentworth taught me that engineering is more than just applying the thoughts proposed by others; it is thinking on your own and making the best decision that suits the problem.

What did you like best about co-op, where did you do it, what was your position?
The one thing I loved about the Wentworth co-op program is that it was held during the fall and spring semesters. This was very helpful because you had less competition as most students at other schools were still taking classes. My last co-op was done at Advanced Micro Devices in Austin, TX. I worked as a product development engineering co-op as a part of a team developing the world’s first graphical processing unit coupled with a central processing unit on one die.

What are your future plans?
In three weeks, I will be starting my first few graduate level courses in the Electrical Engineering Program at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU in Brooklyn, NY.  My concentration will be Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and I hope to master the art of signals and other engineering techniques.  

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