March 09, 2011

Skating to a School Record

Growing up in Southern California, you would think it might be hard to find a sheet of ice to play on, much less one where anyone could really hone their hockey skills. But while his friends were busy in their pursuit of surfing glory, Skylur Jameson, BMET ’12, was busy imitating a different South California icon.

“More rinks started to come up with (Wayne) Gretzky,” the Long Beach native notes. “There were a handful of rinks in my area, so finding ice wasn’t that hard.” While Jameson might have missed out on chasing waves, he’s now chasing Wentworth’s all-time scoring record.

In 66 career games, Skylur Jameson has 45 goals and 63 assists—a total of 108 points, 71 shy of the school record held by Ivan P. Filippov, BMT ’01. He’s led his team to the brink of conference glory in both of his previous two years, winning the ECAC Northeast regular-season title in 2010 – the same year that he was named conference player of the year.

The junior captain is not only a leader on the ice, though; he performs at a high level academically as well, earning Dean’s List honors. Currently, Jameson is working in a co-op position at iRobot, a Cambridge robotics firm that is on the cutting edge of the up-and-coming consumer robotics field.

Skyler Jameson, BMET '12

Skylur Jameson, BMET '12   (Photo: Richard Orr Photography)

“They’ve pretty much sworn me to secrecy,” Jameson says when asked about his work at iRobot.  But he does acknowledge that working on prototype assembly and maintenance has been a rewarding experience, and working in a vendor-facing role has allowed him to make connections at other companies both similar to and completely different from iRobot itself.

While he’s required to stay mum on his work, he remains quiet when asked about the records he’s chasing on the ice, too.

“I try not to think about them too much because if you try going for something, it throws your game off. If I do it, great, but I’m mostly concerned with helping the team out.” Once the skates are off, Jameson is mostly concerned with hitting the books. “School always comes first. I’ve always had to manage my time to make sure I make time for hockey so that on game day, I don’t have to focus on anything else.”

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