October 18, 2010

Student Profile: Dave Fustino, Industrial Design

Dave Fustino, BIND '11, displays designs for Freddie the Fire Hydrant on a Cintiq tablet

"Having my designs recognized makes me feel confident about the direction of my career."

Dave Fustino can make a tea kettle sexy and turn a sprinkler into an engrossing, interactive children’s toy.

Designs of both a user-friendly, streamlined kettle and an interactive children’s toy, Freddie the Fire Hydrant, were included in the 20-project portfolio which won him a $2,500 scholarship from the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) to be used toward his senior year tuition. 

“Having my designs recognized makes me feel confident about the direction of my career,” says Fustino.  

Fustino’s winning portfolio included school-assigned work like a beautiful-but-functional fruit holder that displays apples creatively, an aviation-inspired door handle meant for a captain’s cabin of an airliner, and designs he worked on during his first co-op at Proteus Design, the company responsible for the Keurig one cup coffee maker.  Fustino raves about the co-op program at Wentworth, noting that not only did he gain insight and experience, but he was able to use projects he designed during his co-ops for his winning portfolio.  “Having the opportunity to apply the skill sets that Wentworth has taught me prior to graduation has allowed me to create strong relationships with employers,” he says. 

Fustino is currently completing his second co-op at Philips Color Kinetics, the world leader in LED lighting systems. He works within the Industrial Design Group at their Burlington, Mass., office, their global R&D headquarters for solid-state lighting.  Fustino is presently working on a special project for a local school and is helping to standardize product color specifications. 

It’s the kind of experience Fustino sees as an investment. “Through the co-op program, I have learned a great deal of valuable skills and information only on-the-job training can provide.” 

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