August 19, 2010

Student Profile: Peter Oggeri

Construction Management

What did you enjoy most about your program?

What I enjoyed the most about the program is the hands on experiences that we as students were able to take part in during all our labs and the co-ops that were available to us when we weren't in the classroom learning. Without the co-ops, I don't walk away from Wentworth with the same education that I do if there is no co-op program, and without the labs, I don't know how to do a lot of the tasks that were required of me during my coops.

What was your most memorable college experience (both inside and outside of the classroom)?

My most memorable college experience inside the classroom would have to be finishing the presentation at the end of my senior year for my senior project. You always hear about the senior project as a freshman and never think anything of it. When you finally start your senior project you designate every day to it to have that perfect presentation in front of the industry professionals, which lasts no more than an hour. When that senior project was completed, I looked back over the four years and what I had learned to get to that point of being able to put together a project like that.

Outside the classroom it would have to be my experience being part of the Wentworth baseball program. For me being part of the Wentworth baseball team made my overall experience at Wentworth a great one. It's what has lead me to many of my closest friends, all three of my roommates, and is what I would spend almost all my time doing if I wasn't in class or working on a report or homework.

What's the most important thing you learned at Wentworth - what's your biggest takeaway?

The most important thing that I have learned at Wentworth would be how to manage a busy schedule and still complete all work that needs to be done on time and with good quality. At Wentworth every professor has a high standard of what they feel the work should be performed at. I would learn that this was done to prepare us for the real world when we are working and delivering work for owners of projects. In order to do this, I had to teach myself how to manage my busy class schedule around my baseball schedule and still allow some time to enjoy myself and take the most out of being in college. From this, my biggest takeaway would be that I am capable of taking on more work without stressing out about getting it done. It allows me to become more involved in many aspects of projects and will help me greatly when I start working in a month to handle the pressure of starting a new job and wanting to perform at your best.

What are your future plans?

I have secured a job in Boston with one of my former co-op employers, Gilbane. I will be working out of their Boston office as an office engineer. I will also be continuing to be a part of the Wentworth Varsity Baseball Team as an assistant coach.

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