July 06, 2010

Co-op Experience: Josh Myslik

Industrial Design '11
Co-op Employer: Kerner Optical
Position: Intern

Lights, Camera, Action

Have you ever wondered what went into creating the visual effects for Davy Jones’ tentacles in Pirates of the Caribbean or the destruction of the Death Star in Star Wars? Josh Myslik, BIND ’11, learned this and more during his co-op at Kerner Optical (previously part of Industrial Light and Magic), the company responsible for creating effects for these and countless other visual masterpieces. Working at a company that specializes in design and production services for film, commercial, television, and entertainment venues gave Myslik the opportunity to learn about the film industry and model-making.

“I was able to experience all aspects of the business from making 1/6-scale helicopters to be blown up in a film, making miniature hard hats for an exhibit, working as a production assistant, and aiding the stagehands and the production team.”

In Production

Depending on the day, Myslik would lend his hand on shoots or go to the computer lab and work on a program called Rhinoceros, where he was helping model a multiple amputee trauma training unit as part of a government contract project. He was able to learn about every aspect of the business.

From the onset, Myslik demonstrated his desire to gain experience and insight, whether it was digitally or physically. Once Myslik proved his commitment to the co-op and his ability to take on certain tasks, the employees started to give him more important projects.

“Model-makers, engineers, and electricians were all very open to a new face in their work day and they were willing to teach me what they knew.”

The Final Cut

For Myslik, his industrial design career outlook has not changed, but has become clearer. The opportunity to apply his education in such a unique working environment offered insight into the countless opportunities in front of him.

“I always knew that industrial design had a vast amount of opportunities and possible lifestyles and job choices. It was beneficial to get a firsthand view of one of these paths.”

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