February 16, 2010

Co-op Experience: Christopher Crosby

"This experience has made me more passionate about my career choice."

Computer Science (BCOS) ’10
Co-op Employer: Pearson
Position: Senior Facilities Assistant

Figuring Out the Right Direction

For Chris Crosby, BFPM ’10, co-op has provided him with the opportunity to find the right fit by experimenting with two variations of facilities management; supervision and construction management, and corporate facilities management. Currently Crosby is working as a senior facilities assistant at Pearson, an international publishing company. In this role, he has been involved with creating and implementing a content management system as well as designing small scale cubicle renovations. He gets to work closely with customers to help meet their needs, such as reconfiguring space. Here, he has found a new passion and career path in corporate facilities.

“I would love the opportunity to grow in the corporate facilities world in a company with a global reach. Without a doubt this experience has made me more passionate about my career choice and excited about the potential of employment in the corporate facilities world.”

Giving Back

Since Crosby has had such a great experience at Pearson, he hopes to eventually give back to future Wentworth co-ops. Being given the responsibility of a leadership role gave Crosby the experience and confidence he was looking for—an opportunity he wants others to enjoy.

“This experience has made me believe in the importance of co-op and I hope to be able to give back by hiring a Wentworth co-op student in my future professional endeavors.”

Lessons Turn to Actions

Crosby was able to apply knowledge gained from classes to aspects of his job at Pearson, and thinks this has made a difference in his education upon returning to classes. Because Crosby had used AutoCAD—a software application for 2D and 3D design and drafting—in his classes, he was able to effectively use the program in his position to coordinate and complete various cubicle and office furniture configurations.

“Theory is only as good as its application, and I have been able to take my classroom knowledge and put it into action. Whether it is using AutoCAD, Vector Work, or even just understanding the importance of group dynamics.”

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