EPIC Learning

Externally-collaborative, Project-based, Interdisciplinary Curricula for Learning


Leveraging the Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) works with Wentworth faculty and staff to locate funding sources, develop proposal submissions, and submit grant applications to external sponsors. OSP provides outreach services through workshops and individual team meetings. While the search for a new Director of OSP is underway, please contact Associate Provost Chuck Hotchkiss (hotchkissc@wit.edu) for guidance.

OSP utilizes Pivot, a searchable database of funding opportunities from federal and private sponsors, to find funding opportunities for EPIC-Learning projects. PIVOT can also be a rich source of project ideas. Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs to find out how to access PIVOT.

Supported Research Findings

There is direct data supporting interdisciplinary, project-based learning from sixty years of study in pedagogy, neurobiology and by direct observation. For academic research and study data, the annotated bibliography will be available soon.

Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats

One of the approaches used by Wentworth's Academic Leadership Team (ALT) in their work on making EPIC-Learning a reality is Edward de Bono’s “six thinking hats”. De Bono separates thinking into six clear functions and roles. Each of the six hats is a different color - white, yellow, black, red, green and blue – designating information, optimism, judgment, intuition, creativity and the thinking process itself, respectively. In the Fall 2013, the ALT began to identify the critical steps that are needed to be completed for each of the six hat functions. The department chairs reviewed the results in their departmental meetings. The provost is visiting each department to make sure that all lines of communication are open and that faculty has a chance to discuss this major change in how we teach and learn with our students. For more information, view the description of each of the Six Thinking Hats.

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