Interdisciplinary Engineering

Program Description

Wentworth Institute of Technology is excited to introduce an innovative engineering degree program, Bachelor of Science in Engineering, beginning this fall semester. This program is designed for students who wish to customize their education by studying a core set of engineering courses and another discipline which will broaden their career paths toward both professional and personal goals. Students in this degree program will be interested in studying engineering along with such fields as computer science, biology, chemistry, management, liberal arts, music or art. The combinations are varied and limited only by interests and imagination. A student may wish to study electrical engineering, computer science and music because of a passion for designing new musical instruments. Another student may wish to combine mechanical engineering with manufacturing and management in order to be an entrepreneur and start their own company. This program is designed for students whose desire is to be an engineer, integrate different disciplines, solve problems and shake things up. 

Students enrolled in this program will work with a full-time faculty member to tailor their engineering education with their individual goals. Since Wentworth is one of the six institutions in the Colleges of the Fenway consortium, students will have a wide variety of courses and areas of study to choose as they select electives to broaden their educational and professional horizons. The curriculum includes a set of core engineering courses (electrical or mechanical) engineering, a set of mathematics and science courses that support the engineering discipline, a set of general education courses that provide the foundation to understand the role and responsibility of an engineer in society and in a global environment, a set of directed elective courses that provide a pathway for a student’s future goals, and a set of engineering design courses that will allow students to collaborate with one another on a variety of projects. Unlike many engineering programs at other colleges and universities, this program will allow students the opportunity to study aboard if they so desire and all of Wentworth programs include two semesters of cooperative work experience. A typical breakdown of credits for the program is: 

Engineering Fundamentals & Design 52
Mathematics and Basic Science 32
General Education 25
Directed Studies & Other Electives 19
Business / Management 6

Hands-on classroom experiences

This curriculum provides an exciting educational experience for students studying different engineering disciplines and electives to collaborate. They will have the opportunity to share knowledge as they work on interdisciplinary designs. This is a fantastic opportunity to study engineering at Wentworth with all of its resources and those of the other colleges in the Fenway Consortium; all in the heart of Boston.

More information about the program mission and curriculum

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