New Cable TV Lineup

Our cable provider, RCN, will be making changes to our TV lineup on Tuesday, November 12th beginning at 7:00am.


To enhance cable TV service for the students at Wentworth. Colleges of the Fenway has made these changes based on recommendations from the students through surveys and feedback.

User Impact

You may experience some outages throughout the day on your Television during the upgrade. Outages could last up to 1 hour.

After the upgrade is complete, you will need to rescan the channels for the additions that have been made to the lineup. Please visit Residence Hall Internet and TV for the new channel lineup.

Instructions on Rescanning for New Channels

These instructions below are directly from RCN on how to rescan on your television to find the new channels.

  • Assess what type of television you have:

    • Our cable system works with any television that is capable of viewing Analog and "ClearQAM" signals, which his is also known as unencrypted digital.  Most televisions produced approximately after 2007 are capable of connecting with our cable system without any issues.
      • Check your user-guide of your television.  You in the specifications page you should see the words "QAM" "QAM-256" "ClearQAM" or something similar. 
      • Your television should have a dot (.), dash (-) or subchannel button on the remote. 
    • If you do NOT have a digital-ready television, you will continue to receive the analog channels but will need to purchase a digital converter in order to watch the digital lineup on campus.
      • ClearQAM converters are available at many electronic stores and online.  Make sure the box is capable of converting Digital Cable (QAM).  Many of those available in stores like Best Buy and other retailers are limited to ATSC or Over the Air signals which require an antenna. 
    • Most tape-based VCRs are NOT digital compatible. 
    • Most Digital DVRs (including TiVo HD, Windows Media Center, etc) work with our system, as long as they are digital capable. Older Series 2 TiVo units will not work.  Many DVR systems will require a subscription to an electronic programming guide (EPG) in order to work. 
  • Hook up your TV:

    • If you have a digital-ready television, take your coax cable (cable cord), and screw one end into the wall and the other end into your television. MAKE SURE THE SCREW ENDS ARE TIGHT.  We do not recommend using coax cords that have "push-on" connectors as they can RF leakage. 
    • If you do not have a digital-ready television, and do not wish to install a converter box, take your coax cable (cable cord), and screw one end into the wall and the other end into your television.  MAKE SURE THE SCREW ENDS ARE TIGHT.  Do not use coax cables that have "push-on" connectors as they can RF leakage.
    • If you do not have a digital-ready television, and have purchased a converter box, take a coax cable and plug one end into the wall and the other into the converter box.  Follow the instructions supplied with the converter to connect it to the TV.
    • Next, turn on your television and go into the menu.  Have the television do a "re-scan" or "re-program".  Make sure to select Cable mode.  This process can take up to 15 minutes depending on the brand of television.  You should see 21 analog channels and 48 digital channels.
    • Change the channel to an HD channel.  Type 60.4 ([6][0][.][4]) or 60-4 on your remote to get to a digital HD channel.  If you see WBZ-HD (CBS), you are all set!

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