Blackboard Hosting Migration


As part of Wentworth’s strategic plan – to achieve superior results with our students and expand learning opportunities – a flexible, stable learning management system is a high priority. Migrating our hosting of Blackboard allows our courses to reside in a Wentworth-only environment that we control. We gain flexibility with the features we make available, upgrades, access to course data for reporting, and timing of scheduled downtime. Our best opportunity this year to migrate our hosting environment is for the start of the Summer semester so our Summer 2014 courses will be available on the new hosted environment. No training is needed because the version and features in Blackboard Learn will be the same in both the old and new environments.

What is the change?

Our current Blackboard environment consists of seven schools sharing one environment and is hosted by one of the schools. Wentworth is migrating to a direct-hosted environment with Blackboard so that we will have our own environment.

Why are we doing the change?

We have heard faculty and student concerns and frustrations with downtime and responsiveness of our learning management system, Blackboard Learn. The Blackboard Learn Hosting Migration Project is being launched to improve the Blackboard experience by providing Wentworth with a learning management system directly hosted through Blackboard beginning with the Summer 2014 semester.

When will the change take place?

This change has already started taking place and will continue through mid-May. See the timeline below for details of the migration.

Is there any impact to the Spring Semester?

The migration will have no impact on the Spring semester. Access to Spring courses, final exams, and final grades are the same as today.

How should Faculty prepare their Summer courses?

Faculty can start preparing their Summer courses now. A snapshot of all Summer courses will be taken early on April 21st to copy to the new system. This is finals week for the Spring semester so we anticipate it to be a light week for Summer course development. In the event that faculty want to make Summer course changes during the week of April 21st, Learning Innovation & Technology will provide faculty with a template to use to stage their content. Contact


March 31st

Inactive courses for the Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Summer 2013, and Fall 2013 semesters will begin their migration the week of March 31st.

April 21st

Summer 2014 courses and sandboxes will be migrated the week of April 21st. We anticipate that they will be available in our new Blackboard environment beginning on Friday, April 25th. Between April 21 and April 25, any course changes in our current Blackboard environment will not be restored in our new environment.

More information on how to track any course development changes and more details on this part of the migration will be shared later.


Spring 2014 courses will be migrated in Mid-May, once the summer semester is underway. This is to ensure that the Spring courses remain available for any post-semester work that needs to be completed.

Additional Information

Further information and details will be communicated to the community as we progress through the migration project.

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