About the Division of Technology Services

Overview of the Division

The Division of Technology Services supports all aspects of technology at the Institute.  The division has five departments:  Network Services, Laptop Services, User Services/Media Services – perhaps we should include Media Services here as we list it later, Web Services and Enterprise Applications.

  • Enterprise Applications supports the many administrative applications across campus, including the student information system (Banner), the data warehouse, data security and secure mobile applications.
  • Laptop Services supports all aspects of the Laptop program including distribution, technical support, repair and academic software and licensing downloads.
  • Network Operations supports the internal network, institute WiFi, Internet access and shaping, network security, campus telecommunication, and the Data Center.
  • User Services staffs and manages the Help Desk, provides desktop support and media/AV support.
  • Web Services maintains and supports institute web sites, the intranet, LConnect, and social media and mobile applications.

DTS Vision

DTS is committed to the standards that are the essence of a higher education institution: quality, service, innovation, value and accessibility.  It is our goal that these five institute attributes will be reflected in both the department and our community, and will be pursued under the rubric of a student centered learning community.

Quality:  The identification and effective use of technology is critical to the support of a comprehensive learning environment.

Service:  Technology should support user friendly access to requisite information and services.

Innovation: We must continually evolve to meet the present and future needs of the students, faculty, staff and broader community.  A prime example of this is lifelong learning and the related technological flexibility and sophistication to enable it.

Value:  We must ensure in any endeavor that we are producing the greatest value relative to the resources utilized.

Accessibility: Technology and innovation must be available to students for all their academic and administrative needs.

DTS Mission

  1. Enable students to learn more effectively.
  2. Enable WIT to operate in an efficient and effective manner.
  3. Prepare students for a future in which information technologies will play an increasingly significant role in both their personal and professional lives.
  4. Enable WIT to reach out to the community in support of the various needs of our constituents.
  5. Enable WIT to achieve a competitive advantage in attracting students, faculty and staff.

DTS Goals

  1. Provide each member of the WIT community with convenient and secure access to information.
  2. Develop a sustainable funding mechanism within the technology operational budget.
  3. Develop and implement a capital budget and equipment renewal plan.
  4. Improve effectiveness and efficiency of investments in technology to improve student learning.
  5. Create an empowered campus for constituent self-determination via electronic self-service to access educational needs.
  6. Use information technology to enhance communication with prospective students, alumni and the community at large.
  7. Pursue cooperative technology ventures with other colleges and agencies to reduce costs and improve service.

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