Cultural and Religious Holidays

Wentworth Institute of Technology recognizes the importance of cultural and religious observances in a student's spiritual identity. For places of worship in the local Boston area click here. In the spirit of community, it is important for all members of the Wentworth campus to be aware of major religious and cultural holidays and observances.  The list below is not an exhaustive list.

When a religious holiday conflicts with a student's class schedule, students assume the responsibility to discuss their absence from class to observe these holidays. Students should review the official Student Absence Due to Religious Beliefs policy in the Academic Catalog.

Fall  2013

August 8                Eid-al-Fitr* (Muslim)

August 21              Raksha Bandhan (Hindu)

September 5          Rosh Hashanah*~ (Jewish) ends at sunset on September 6

September 9          Ganesha Chaturthi (Hindu)

September 14        Yom Kippur*~ (Jewish) 

September 19        Sukkot* (Jewish) ends at sunset on September 25

September 22        Mabon~ (Pagan)

September 27        Simchat Torah~ (Jewish)

October 5              Navratri* (Hindu) ends October 13

October 14             Dussera (Hindu)

October 15             Eid-al-Adha* (Muslim)

November 1           Samhain*~ (Pagan)

November 3           Diwali* (Hindu)

November 4           Al-Hijra (Muslim)

November 28         Chanukah~ (Jewish) ends at sunset on December 5

December 1           Advent begins (Christian)

December 8           Bodhi Day (Buddhist)

December 12         Our Lady of Guadalupe - Feast Day (Christian)

December 16         Las Posadas (Christian) end on December 25

December 21         Yule~ (Pagan)

December 25         Christmas*~(Christian)

December 26         Kwanzaa (Pan-African) ends January 1

Spring  2014

January 6              Epiphany (Christian)

January 16            Tu B'Shevat (Jewish)

January 16            Mahayan New Year (Buddhist) ends January 19

January 18            Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (Christian) ends January 25

January 19            World Religion Day (Baha'i)

January 31            Chinese New Year 

February 24           Purim (Jewish)

February 28           Mahashivrati (Hindu)

March 4                 Shrove Tuesday (Christian)

March 5                 Ash Wednesday (Christian) Lent Begins

March 7                 World Day of Prayer (Christian)

March 17               Holi (Hindu)

April 13                  Palm Sunday (Christian)

April 14                  Erev Pesach (Jewish)

April 15                  Passover* (Jewish) ends at sunset on April 22

April 15                  Theravada (Buddhist)

April 17                   Maundy Thursday (Christian)

April 18                   Good Friday (Christian)

April 20                   Easter Sunday (Christian)

April 27                   Yom Hashoah* (Jewish)

May 1                     Beltane* (Pagan)

May 1                      National Day of Prayer (Interfaith USA)

Summer  2014

June 28                   Ramadan begins* (Muslim) ends on July 29

July 29                    Eid ul Fitr* (Muslim)

August 10                Raksha Bandhan (Hindu)

August 29                Ganesha Chaturthi (Hindu)

~ Begins at sunset on the evening prior to the date listed.

* High Holy Day

This list is not exhaustive. If you wish to add a holiday or observance, or believe that a date is listed erroneously, please contact


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