Diversity Week 2015

Monday, March 30th- Friday April 3rd.

Join us all week as we celebrate and educate! Diversity Week is filled with opportunities to expand your knowledge and to engage in dialogue about topics regarding diversity that surround us every day! Are you ready to interact and work in our global community? Come explore, learn and teach as we widen our perspectives of the world around us and all those who live in it. Every day of the week has a theme we’d like to highlight. We encourage you to be mindful of the significance of each theme and its impact on who you are today.

Everyone is welcome!  Questions and ideas can be sent to diversity@wit.edu.

Monday, March 30th

Social/Economic Class Awareness Day

Movie: The Pursuit of Happyness


Intercultural Center

“Inspired by the true story of Chris Gardner, a San Francisco salesman struggling to build a future for himself and his 5-year-old son Christopher (Jaden Smith). When his girlfriend Linda (Thandie Newton) walks out, Chris is left to raise Christopher (Jaden Smith) on his own. Chris' determination finally pays off when he lands an unpaid internship in a brutally competitive stockbroker-training program, where only one in twenty interns will make the cut.”

Faces of Diversity: Women Edition


Flanagan Campus Center

Join us in a guessing game involving influential, courageous, and respectable woman who were able to defy the odds and become successfully well-known women in society.

MFA Trip to see Gordon Parks: Back to Fort Scott


(Meet at the INFO HUB by 4:15pm)

“Gordon Parks, one of the most celebrated African American artists of his time, is the subject of this exhibition of groundbreaking photographs of Fort Scott, Kansas—focusing on the realities of life under segregation during the 1940s, but also relating to Parks’ own fascinating life story.” 

Tuesday, March 31st

Disability Awareness Day

Disability Awareness Challenge


Join us in raising awareness about issues surrounding accessibility. Try not using the stairs for one day to gain a better understanding of what it is like to navigate our campus with a disability.

Safe Space Training: Sexual Diversity


Flanagan 033

Training will help students, faculty and staff answer questions like “How can I best support our LGBT students”, “What does LGBTQ even mean??”, “What do I do if someone tells me they are gay”. The training is an interactive hour-long presentation in which you will gain invaluable tools and resources for continuing to support our LGBT community at Wentworth. It is a great opportunity to expand your own knowledge and understanding about the LGBT community and the “coming out” process. Afterwards, you will be given an official Safe Space sticker to display within your own workspace, office, residence hall room, etc. to help others know you are an Ally on campus.

 Movie: Of Mice and Men


Intercultural Center

“The film tells the story of two men, George and his mentally challenged partner Lennie, trying to survive during the dustbowl of the 1930s and pursuing a dream of owning their own ranch, instead of always working for others.”

Wednesday, April 1st

Gender Awareness Day

Gender at WIT Trivia


Flanagan Campus Center

Join us in playing a trivia game that involves influential members within the Wentworth community.

Gender Roles in Social Media: A Discussion


Intercultural Center

  • Are certain genders more sexualized than others in social media?
  • What conscious and subconscious effects do gender roles in social media have on your perception of YOU?
  • How has the Wentworth community contributed to your gender development?

Join Diversity Program’s Graduate Assistant, Bernadine Desanges as she addresses gender roles in social media through hands on activities and a brief discussion about the “product” and the “consumer”.

Movie: Miss Representation (Sponsored by WILD)

6:30pm TBD

“Explores the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in America, and challenges the media's limited portrayal of what it means to be a powerful woman.”

Thursday, April 2nd

Race/Culture Awareness Day

Movie: Hotel Rwanda


Intercultural Center

“The true story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who housed over a thousand Tutsi refugees during their struggle against the Hutu militia in Rwanda.”

Gaining an Understanding of Visual Impairment: One Student’s Experience (Sponsored by The Accessible Technology Committee and the Diversity Committee)


The Multipurpose Room (the rear of Beatty Cafeteria)

This technology demonstration will showcase the accessible and inaccessible features of common technology tools.  A Q&A and Universal Design discussion will follow the demonstration.  Coffee and Light refreshments will be served.   

Friday, April 3rd

Sexuality Awareness Day

Red My Lips Campaign Day (Sponsored by WILD)

Wear Red/Red Lipstick ALL DAY in support of Sexual Assault Awareness. Sexual assault in any involuntary sexual activity in which a person is forced to engage in against their will. Sexual assault is an unfortunate reality within society and within college campus communities.

Safe Space Training: Gender Diversity


Flanagan 033

This training dives deeper into the issues facing the LGBT community with an emphasis on the trans* community. We will cover basic definitions (and why there is an “*” after the word trans*), common myths within the community, and practical ways in which we can better serve the trans* community at Wentworth. This is another step in the journey of being an ally and we hope that you will participate in upcoming trainings.

 Movie: Philadelphia


Intercultural Center

“Philadelphia is a 1993 American drama film and one of the first mainstream Hollywood films to acknowledge HIV/AIDS, homosexuality, and homophobia. It was written by Ron Nyswaner, directed by Jonathan Demme and stars Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington.”

MSA’s Culture Shock


Watson Auditorium

MSA’s (Multicultural Student Association) signature event is back and not to be missed!  Join us for a festive night of celebration, music, dance, food, fashion and connection.  Tickets are $5 but free to anyone who shows a Wentworth ID!  Sponsored by MSA; for more information email msa@wit.edu.

We look forward to seeing your active participation this week!




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