How to Pay Tutorial

Student Success Story

"I really liked the small class size at Wentworth.  It created a level of intimacy in which the instructors were very approachable and it was easy to get to know my fellow students."

Andrew Shaw, CPCE alumni

Paying your Bill

Students are required to settle their tuition balance by the end of the same week that they register. Class registration will be canceled if the student fails to settle their semester balance by the deadline.

How to View your E-bill

E-Bill will be available for students to view within 24 hours after the class registration is accepted. Students may follow the steps below to access the E-Bill through LConnect:

  1. Log onto LConnect
  2. Click on Leopard Web
  3. Click on “Student” tab
  4. Select “Student Records”
  5. Select “E-Bill”, and select  the correct Term from the pull-down menu

If you are having problems viewing your E-Bill please contact the Student Service Center at 617-989-4020 or e-mail

Financial Aid

College of Professional and Continuing students in degree programs may qualify for financial aid. Read more about financial aid at Wentworth or contact our Student Service Center directly at 617-989-4020 or e-mail

Three-Payment Plan

Students who are in regular degree-seeking programs and taking courses with $440/per credit tuition rate may qualify for a 3-payment plan. Please visit the SSC web site here for more information.

  • Note 1: The Student Service Center reserves the right to reject 3-payment plan request if the student has defaulted on the plan in the past.
  • Note 2: Signed 3-payment plan contract and 1st payment are due by 6:00PM to the Student Service Center one business day after the student registers.
  • Note 3: The 3-payment plan contract can only be honored through the official Add/Drop Period.

Third Party Billing Sponsors

If a 3rd party billing sponsor is paying for your costs, you must submit the approved billing authorization or Purchase Order to the Student Service Center prior to or at the time of your registration. The Authorization or Purchase Order can be submitted by:

Fax: 617-989-4201
Attn: Student Service Center

Mail: Wentworth Institute of Technology
Attn: Student Service Center
550 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA, 02115


NOTE: It is student’s responsibility to confirm with their sponsor every semester to make sure their billing authorization is valid. Questions regarding the 3rd party billing process can be directed to the Student Service Center at

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