Student Success Story

"I really liked the small class size at Wentworth.  It created a level of intimacy in which the instructors were very approachable and it was easy to get to know my fellow students."

Andrew Shaw, CPCE alumni

Workforce Training and Development

Wentworth has a long tradition of offering specialized non-credit, mini-courses and programs to people who are working in the technology field or who seek to develop skills that quickly translate to job opportunities. Courses and seminars offered through the College of Professional and Continuing Education are practical and rigorous and combine theory and practice. Taught by instructors who are active and experienced in their disciplines, Workforce Training and Development courses provide individuals with the experience and credentials needed to make them more competitive in the job market.

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All Workforce Training and Development courses award Continuing Education Units (CEUs), a nationally recognized measurement of participation in a qualified continuing education program. A transcript of course work is maintained at Wentworth for all students who enroll in Workforce Training and Development courses.

Training Courses

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