Student Testimonial

"I chose Wentworth for a few reasons. When I found out Wentworth had developed a Master’s program which is a direct extension of my undergraduate degree, it made my decision very easy. The fact that the classes were offered online was the determining factor for me."

James Coughlan, MSTM Student

Master of Science

Technology Management Online

The online Master of Science in Technology Management (MSTM) degree at Wentworth Institute of Technology is designed to elevate students’ business acumen, strategic thinking, and people skills, all within the context of the issues and challenges specific to the technical world. Graduates of the MSTM program will be equipped with the management skills, expertise, and ethics necessary to be successful within technology-based enterprises. 


The MSTM program is designed for technical professionals who desire to manage and lead within a technical environment. The program is offered in a fully online delivery format to provide maximum flexibility, and is designed to be completed in under two years on a part-time basis.

Graduates of the Master of Science in Technology Management program will be prepared for a variety of managerial positions in the technical world. data (provided below) shows the median salary and bonus as well as the minimum years of work experience for a variety of roles in technology management in the Greater Boston area. 

Job Title

Median Salary and Bonus

Minimum Experience (in years)

IT Manager

$121, 477


IS Security Manager



Technical Training Manager



Applications Programming Manager



Network Operations Manager



Online course discussion groups are a key component of the MSTM program, allowing students to regularly interact with and learn from both their instructors and fellow classmates. MSTM instructors are both subject matter experts and industry practitioners. Furthermore, most MSTM students work in a technical environment, facilitating peer to peer learning. 

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Admissions Requirements

To be eligible for consideration for the Master of Science in Technology Management applicants must:

Possess a BA or BS degree from an accredited college or university and at least one (1) year of professional experience in a technical role and/or technical organization. Familiarity with Accounting and Finance is a plus but is not required for admission. 

Curriculum Requirements


Semester One

  • MGMT7000: Business Relations & HR Management (3)
  • MGMT7100: Project Management Applications (3)

Semester Two

  • MGMT7050: Business Finance & Investments (3)
  • MGMT7450: Communications Strategies (3)

Semester Three

  • MGMT7150: Business Operations & Process Management (3)
  • TMGT8000: Strategic Technology Business Management (3)


Semester One

  • MGMT7200: Leadership (3)
  • TMGT8100: Management of New Product Development (3)

Semester Two

  • MGMT7350: Marketing Management (3)
  • TMGT8900: Capstone (3)

Degree Total: 30 credits

Program Learning Outcomes

The primary educational objective of this program will be to provide graduates with the knowledge and skill sets needed to successfully function in middle and upper level technology management positions. Other objectives will be linked to theory and practice to create real world applications and value, introduce new software and technology, improve management skills through research and the application of best practices.

Specifically, all Wentworth Master of Science in Technology Management graduates will:

  • Understand the theory and application of advanced business management theories.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of strategic technology management.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of finance and accounting.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities.
  • Understand the critical success factors for leading teams and related organizational development issues.
  • Understand the relevance of the increasingly international business environment.Demonstrate executive level decision-making and critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate the ability to deal with complex business challenges, and utilize best practices to arrive at solution sets required of mid and senior level technology managers.


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