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Student Success Story

"I’m very happy that I made the decision to go back to school. While I hadn’t been in a classroom for over 30 years, I found that the professional experience I’ve gained over that time has benefited me greatly and allows me to contribute regularly in class discussions."

Pauline Foley, CPCE student

Current Students

New Students

1) New students should complete the New Student To Do List found HERE 

2) New students should also register for the upcoming New Student Seminar. New Student Seminar is designed to orient new students to The College of Professional and Continuing Education. 

Please click your program category and the link will give you the date of the next event:

 As a new student, this seminar is intended to provide you with a look into resources, processes, and procedures you will be using while enrolled in our programs.  During this presentation, you will become familiar with the various programs we offer, get to know the staff, and understand how to navigate the CPCE website.  You will hear from your program advisor and learn more about the various ways they help you throughout your program.  This seminar is a valuable resource in getting started on your academic journey! 

Academic Advising

Wentworth’s academic advisors are here to assist our adult students in reaching their educational goals. Once accepted into the College of Professional and Continuing Education, you will be assigned your own, dedicated academic advisor. We encourage students to reach out to their advisor regularly. Your academic advisor at Wentworth will help you stay on track with your schedule and make sure any concerns you have along the way are addressed. 

A list of our advisors for specific programs can be found on the Advising Staff Page

Although the academic advisor plays a pivotal role in the advising program, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to be pro-active in his or her educational and career decisions. In this process, it is also the student's responsibility to seek assistance from his or her academic advisor and other members of the Wentworth community. The goals of the Academic Advising Program are threefold: to Advise, to Inform, and to Mentor.

We can help you with

  • Selecting and registering for Wentworth courses to meet program requirements
  • Resolving scheduling conflicts
  • Transferring credits (up to 80 may transfer!)
  • Tracking your progress as you move through your training, certificate, or degree program
  • Moving from one program into another after completion (i.e. moving on from a certificate program into a degree program)
  • Answering any questions you have about the academic process here at Wentworth

As a student you should know

  • Your student ID number
  • Your academic advisor
  • Your professors and their contact information
  • Your major and curriculum
  • Your LConnect log-in
  • Your Wentworth email log-in
  • Registration and payment procedures and deadlines
  • Where the CPCE office is located
  • Where the Student Service Center is located

Each semester a student is active they must complete the steps HERE

For Information shortcuts, please review the Academic Advising Team Information Summary HERE 

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