Peter Rogers

Peter Rogers

Program: Professional Certificate in Construction
Employer: North Shore Community Development Coalition
Job Title: Director of Housing Development
Resides: Somerville, MA

What was your motivation to return to school at Wentworth?

I came to Wentworth mainly because I was looking to expand my knowledge of the construction industry. I hold a BA in economics and BS in business from UConn and I now work in real estate development, so I thought that gaining more in-depth knowledge of construction would benefit me in my job. I found that Wentworth is one of the best schools in the area for this type of programming.

Has the certificate helped you to achieve your goal?

Yes. I’m able to have more meaningful and thoughtful conversations related to construction with my colleagues as a result of the courses I’ve taken. I’ve also become more comfortable in reading architectural plans because of the planned reading class that I took. Overall I am learning a lot.

Would you recommend Wentworth to others?

I would recommend this program to others. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to acquire a basic overview of the construction industry. It’s certainly a good option for those who are looking for an introduction to the field.

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