Brad Monroe

Brad Monroe

Program: Professional Certificate in Managing Construction Projects
Employer: Elaine Construction
Job Title: Laborer
Resides: Hampton, NH

Why did you decide to return to school?

I decided to pursue the certificate in managing construction projects because I am interested in transitioning from being a laborer to the management and business side of the construction industry.

Why did you choose Wentworth Institute of Technology?

First, Wentworth has a strong reputation and reliable name in the construction industry, so I knew that earning a credential here would be valuable. Also, I find that Wentworth is very flexible for working adults. I travel from New Hampshire to come to class and because of the flexibility that the program provides I find that I am able to manage that well.

What advice would you give to those considering Wentworth?

I would strongly recommend Wentworth to any prospective students. The main piece of advice I have is to make sure you stay on top of the work. Wentworth is flexible, but there is still work to be done in the classroom and lots of information presented in each session. I actually like to review the topics we’re discussing in class throughout the week to keep them fresh in my mind.

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