Michelle Moffo

Michelle Moffo

Program: MS in Facility Management
Employer: Liberty Mutual
Job Title: Facilities Project Coordinator
Resides: Southington, CT

Why did you decide to return to school?

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Wentworth in 2010, I began my professional career in the facility management field. I returned to get my master’s degree to gain an edge. In an aging, male-dominated profession, I believe that earning this degree, combined with my growing professional experience, will help me to excel.

Why did you choose Wentworth Institute of Technology?

I had a great experience as an undergraduate at Wentworth, earning a high-quality education. Also, people in the facility management field know and love Wentworth, not only in the Greater Boston area, but in my home state of Connecticut as well. So once I made the decision that I wanted to earn an advanced degree enrolling at Wentworth was an easy choice.

Please describe the classroom experience in your master’s program.

I love the fact that I am able to “talk shop” with my fellow classmates, who have a diversity of experiences and perspectives. These conversations with my classmates have helped me to learn from their previous experiences and get valuable feedback on several projects that I’ve undertaken in my professional role.

How do you believe that the education you’ve received at Wentworth has benefited you?

I have already been able to apply several of the concepts that I’ve learned in the classroom to my role as a Facilities Project Coordinator. My project management course, for instance, helped me to sharpen my skills, learning in great detail the ins and outs of running a successful project from start to finish.

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