Scott McDonald

Scott  McDonald

Program: Professional Certificate in Facilities Management
Employer: Harvard University- Kennedy School of Government
Job Title: Project Manager-Facilities Department
Resides: Maynard, MA

Why did you return to school at Wentworth?

I’ve been working in the facilities department at Harvard for 12 years, and I’ve been passed over for some jobs because I didn’t have the requisite education. That served as motivation for me to return to school. I chose Wentworth because I received several recommendations from colleagues.

Talk a little bit about what you’ve learned in the classroom at Wentworth.

I’m learning a lot in each of my classes, but one thing that stands out is my finance course. I had no previous experience with finance and since taking that course I’ve become more involved with budgetary issues at work and I understand concepts that before were unfamiliar to me.

How has your experience been at Wentworth overall?

It’s going very well. Professional certificates are a great way to get your feet wet so to speak and I would recommend that path to others who are unsure about their next career or educational step. Because of my great experience in the certificate program I plan to enroll in the BS in project management degree at Wentworth this fall.

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