Brian Davies

Brian Davies

Program: BS in Project Management
Employer: Siemens Building Technologies
Job Title: Engineering Specialist
Resides: Holden, MA

Why did you decide to return to school?

A bachelor’s degree is a key tool for success in my field, so to be able to continue to advance I knew that earning my degree would be essential. It’s also a personal goal of mine to earn a bachelor’s degree, so that was part of my motivation.

Why did you choose Wentworth Institute of Technology to earn your degree?

Wentworth has a great reputation, so that was appealing to me. Also, I like the specificity of the bachelor’s degree in project management. I looked at some other programs during my search, but they tended to have more of a general business focus. The project management program is great because I’m gaining a specific set of skills that can apply to many industries.

Do you find the program to be suitable for working professionals?

Yes it is. The hybrid format of the bachelor’s in project management is conducive to my schedule and I find it to be very “do-able.” I would definitely encourage working adults to pursue this degree at Wentworth.

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