Pamela Burnett

Pamela  Burnett

Program: BS in Building Construction Management
Resides: Mattapan, MA

Describe your motivation for returning to school at Wentworth.

After doing flooring work for 11 years I decided that I wanted to transition from the labor to the project management side of the construction industry. Returning to school was a good way to upgrade my knowledge of the field to be prepared for such a move. I chose Wentworth mainly because of the strong reputation it has.

Please describe the classroom experience at Wentworth.

I thoroughly enjoy being in the classroom. I find that there’s a lot of diversity---different cultures, ages, professions---which creates a great classroom experience. I also find that both my fellow students and instructors are very helpful and create a very comfortable learning environment.

Would you recommend Wentworth to others?

Yes and I have already started to spread the good word about Wentworth. I inspired three people in my neighborhood to enroll. Wentworth’s reputation, strong curriculum, and availability of resources, such as tutoring and the career fair, have all helped to create a great experience for me.

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