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For more information regarding service learning at Wentworth, please contact Erik Miller, Director, 617-989-4993.

Service Learning

“I enjoy knowing that my work provides something specific and special for a community at large and produces a space for nurturing a community’s life.”

 >Michele Quinn M.Arch ’12, Community Co-op Student

Leslie de Leon, BSA '14, Community Co-op


Service learning is a project-based teaching and learning strategy that integrates community engagement with instruction, social innovation, and reflection, to enrich the learning experience, teach social responsibility and strengthen communities.  Service learning projects can be executed through coursework under the direction of faculty; student clubs and organizations; community cooperative learning positions with community organizations; or the Institute-wide, required senior year capstone.

Below is an infographic to describe service learning at the Institute.

Service Learning infographic

Community Co-op

Community co-op gives enthusiastic students the chance to work on local, community-based project(s) for their required co-op semesters.  Students in architecture, interior design, computer science & management have been employed by nonprofit organizations in the past year.

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Community Projects

Students have been engaged in Community Projects since the Institute's conception.  With a local focus, the Center develops community-based projects for our students to not only participate in but to lead.

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Certificate Program

The Certificate program provides the opportunity for students to receive academic recognition for service learning and community engagement.  Three (3) students received the certificate at graduation this past summer each contributing over 800 hours of service over their Wentworth career.

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Service Learning Committee

The Committee brings together faculty, administration & staff to discuss service learning at the Institute. There are currently 20 faculty & staff members who meet monthly to share information about community-based projects and programs.  Many of these members regularly participate in service activities around the community.

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