Co-op Student Profiles

Townes Gibson

Townes Gibson

Industrial Design 2016
Co-op employer: LovePop

Erica Amato

Erica Amato

Mechanical Engineering 2017
Co-op employer: Raytheon

Richard Claytor

Richard Claytor

Biomedical Engineering 2017
Co-op employer: Charles Stark Draper Laboratory

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How Co-op Works

With one of the largest and most comprehensive co-op education programs in the country, Wentworth is uniquely qualified to help you start your future now. For over 40 years, our co-op co-op program has helped our graduates secure exciting, rewarding, and most important, relevant positions.

Just ask any of our students -- for the best co-op positions around the city, the country, or even the globe, Wentworth is the place to be. Whether you want to create medical devices in Boston, design interiors in Saudi Arabia, or manage construction sites in California, we have the experience and resources to help you get there and get the job.


All full-time day students pursuing a bachelor's degree must complete two co-op semesters in their major. One additional semester of co-op is optional.


Most co-ops are scheduled for spring of  junior year and fall of senior year. There are exceptions for Architecture, Electromechanical Engineering and Math majors. Transfer students must attend Wentworth for at least one semester before they are eligible for co-op.


Co-op can be completed anyplace the right position exists - in Boston, in a your hometown, or anywhere in the world.


  1. Participate in Co-op Institute
  2. Write your resume
  3. Meet with your Co-op + Career Advisor for guidance should you need it
  4. Follow-up all leads
  5. Research and interview for positions
  6. Accept the best position
  7. Report your co-op in both WITworks and on L-Connect
  8. Do a great job!
  9. Complete your self evaluation to ensure you receive a grade

Post-Graduate Employment

The Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development offers a full compliment of career coaching, numerous career events and on-campus interviewing opportunities.

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