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Cooperative Education (Co-op)

Welcome to Co-op

For over 30 years, Wentworth students have made their mark on industry through our cooperative education (co-op) program. Each year over 1400 students complete co-op jobs making Wentworth one of the largest co-op programs in New England.

Recruitment for Spring 2016!

Spring Co-op 2016 = January – April

Recruitment for students is open September 15 – January 15

Important considerations:

  1. Students start their co-op between January 1 – January 19
  2. Students report their co-op to Career Services by January 15

What is co-op?

Co-op is an opportunity for employers to interact with talented, highly motivated students who are passionate about their fields and eager for experience.

Co-op is a strategy that connects classroom learning with productive work experience. Co-op is tied very closely to a student’s academic and career interests; where they can build on their professional experience.

Wentworth’s co-op program is integrated into a student’s major. It is a major factor in students choosing Wentworth. 

Why co-op?

Co-op provides employers with hard-working students willing to learn and eager to contribute to a company.

Becoming a part of the co-op program creates many benefits to companies who make the decision to partner with Wentworth. You bring in employees with up-to-date skills. You add flexibility in addressing staffing needs with highly motivated, cost-effective, short-term employees. You build a pipeline for fresh and energetic talent that is already up to speed when they graduate.

By connecting with Wentworth students, you gain the benefits of students who are motivated, disciplined, and eager to learn. These are student who are at Wentworth because they have a dedication to their chosen career path, and who will work hard for you.

Who is it for?

If you have a business (large or small), and want to benefit by tapping into the energy and skill set of students, then Wentworth’s co-op program is right for you.

Co-op is perfect for companies looking to develop new talent and contribute to the education of new professionals.

How can I join?

It is easy to join Wentworth’s co-op program. We provide the information, resources and support needed to make the process as simple and effective as it can be for everyone involved.

If you are new to co-op, contact us at 617-989-4101 to talk about how best to structure your co-op. If you already have a co-op job, you can use our self-serve recruiting site, WITworks.

What do I need to do during co-op?

Since co-op is a part of a student’s learning experience at Wentworth, we view co-op employers as partners in their education. As partners, co-op employers provide meaningful, productive work and projects for students. We require that co-op supervisors submit two performance evaluations during co-op and encourage informal feedback and mentoring throughout the co-op term.

Wentworth is also a consultant in your work with students. We are available to discuss a student’s work and performance in your company.

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