Soar in Four

When students choose to study at Wentworth, they are afforded the benefit of a practical, hands-on approach to learning that combines skill, theory, and action. The Office of Campus Life offered students the opportunity to participate in a four-year experience, called Soar in Four, aimed at developing leadership skills, exploring a myriad of leadership theories, and actively engaging students in the practice of leadership. Soar in Four focuses on the four values of the Office of Student Leadership Programs' Leadership Commitment: Active Engagement, Open-mindedness, Awareness, and Collaboration.

The Soar in Four leadership experience follows a balanced and purposeful track. Students begin with the Emerging Leaders Program, which presents the development of skills; and then they enroll in the Leadership Exploration Seminar to examine leadership theory and its application. From this point, students select experiences they find interesting, relevant to a campus leadership role they currently hold, or something entirely new during the third component, the Leadership in Action phase. Finally, students participate in a Capstone Leadership Course.

A Note About Soar In Four

  • We are no longer accepting new participants into the Soar in Four Program. If you are interested in leadership education, please consider applying for the Wentworth Leadership Institute.
  • To contact the Office of Campus Life call 617-989-4080 or send an email to

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