Cooperative Work Experience (Co-op)

Architecture at Wentworth

The architecture curriculum at Wentworth includes two terms of cooperative education where students work and learn in a professional setting. This experience typically fulfills requirements for a portion of the Intern Development Program (IDP), which regulates professional licensure in the United States. The co-op experience offers an invaluable introduction to professional practice during a student’s education.

The architecture department and Wentworth’s career services office guide students in their search for employment with firms that match their particular area of professional interest. The extensive alumni network of well-placed professionals and Wentworth’s strong reputation for skilled students have historically led to high employment rates among those seeking co-op jobs.

In turn, this experience outside the academic environment shapes the ways in which students engage with their studios and courses based on a broader understanding of the demands of the profession. Students develop meaningful relationships with the professional community and foster a sensibility about practice that informs their education. They often graduate with job offers in hand from firms first introduced to them during their co-op.

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