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The Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) program at Wentworth provides graduates with the insight, skills, and perspective to pursue distinguished and rewarding careers in architecture and the allied design fields while also supplying the academic credential required for registration as an architect. Graduate study in architecture is an exhilarating and challenging enterprise, an opportunity for students to develop a focused position within a broad and rapidly evolving field. Wentworth’s Master of Architecture program encompasses both the art and science of architecture by examining the history, theory, culture, and technology of the built environment. The graduate curriculum promotes research and design investigations on the linkage between theoretical frameworks, design intentions, and the tangible, material nature of architecture. A rigorous process of critical thinking is instilled through studios, seminars, and thesis preparation coursework.

Faculty at Wentworth represent a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and areas of expertise yet are united by a shared vision of architecture as an art that is grounded in the material culture of building. Focus is given to the opportunities and the responsibilities inherent in the architect’s role as shaper of the built environment. Students come to understand the impact of architecture on individuals, communities, societies, and the natural environment that we share and safeguard. The profession is approached as a collaborative process, engaging diverse talents, viewpoints, and disciplines. All Master of Architecture studios maintain a low student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1 or fewer. Studios meet twelve hours each week, assuring students ample one-on-one interaction with faculty. Highly qualified students who show an interest in future academic careers are offered the opportunity to work as section leaders in the department’s undergraduate architecture studios.

The Master of Architecture professional degree is fully accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). See the Accreditation Information link for details. The program is structured as a one- or two-year sequence of study. The length of a student’s tenure is based on prior academic experience. Candidates with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Wentworth can complete the program in a single year, while external candidates with a four-year, NAAB-based degree from another institution typically complete the program in two years. For more information and to learn about the application process for the one- and two-year programs, please click on the appropriate link in the lefthand column.

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