For questions about the program, please contact:

Amanda Hattaway
Chair of Applied Mathematics
Ira Allen 319 | 617-989-4368

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Mathematics courses comprise part of the core of each Wentworth student's college program. Our departmental offerings are designed to help facilitate student success across all programs at the Institute.

The Department of Applied Mathematics is the home to one undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics (BSAM).  The B.S. in Applied Mathematics links mathematics and the worlds of science, technology, engineering and social science.  Mathematical principles are used to derive such varied types of information as the strength of materials, the behavior of fluids, the spread of disease and the rate of inflation.  Students will learn to integrate analytical and computational tools in the modeling of physical, biological and/or economic processes.  The problem solving skills that the Applied Math major develops will apply across disciplines.  Please see our program page for more information about the BSAM degree.

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