Graduate Program Admission

Master of Architecture

The Master of Architecture program at Wentworth provides graduates with the insight, skills, and perspective to pursue distinguished and rewarding careers in architecture and the allied design fields, while also supplying the academic credential required for registration as an architect. Graduate study in architecture is an exhilarating and challenging enterprise, an opportunity for students to develop a focused position within a broad and rapidly evolving field. The graduate curriculum promotes research and design investigations on the linkage between theoretical frameworks, design intentions, and the tangible, material nature of architecture. A rigorous process of critical thinking is instilled through studios, seminars, and thesis preparation coursework. The program is structured as a one- or two-year sequence of study. The length of a student’s tenure is based on prior academic experience. Candidates with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Wentworth can complete the program in a single year, while external candidates with a four-year, NAAB-based degree from another institution typically complete the program in two years.

The application is currently still open. The application and all supporting documents must be received in order to be reviewed for acceptance into this program. 

Master of Science in Construction Management

This professional degree program is designed to educate construction professionals in advanced management principles and in construction management issues, topics, and practices. Graduates of the program will be prepared to assume advanced managerial and leadership positions in construction-related careers.

The key differentiators that make the Master of Science in Construction Management (MSCM) program unique are that it examines common general management and techniques, leveraging components and resources from Wentworth’s Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Management; explores advanced construction management issues specific to the built environment; and utilizes a combination of technologies and team instruction, leveraging industry professionals and academic experts in the education process. Students will be exposed to research methodology and problem solving, and will be encouraged to publish their scholarly works in relevant journals.

Master of Science in Facility Management

The Master of Science in Facility Management program is designed to educate students in foundational post-graduate management principles and enhance facility management skills and knowledge.  The curriculum was designed in collaboration with facility management industry experts to meet International Facility Management Association (IFMA) accreditation standards.  Students will learn the leadership and business skills necessary to respond to the demand of keeping their facilities highly efficient and functional, and will be prepared to assume leadership positions in the facility management profession. The program can be completed in 20 months on a part-time basis.

Managing the built environment is an increasing valued competence that integrates the elements of project management, finance, real estate, humans and their working environment, space planning, building operations and maintenance, and quality assessment. Companies today are particularly focused on implementing cost-cutting measures to improve profitability, streamline operations and compete globally. Research shows facility management professionals are in demand now more than ever, with 65-70% of facility managers expected to retire in the next 5 to 10 years.

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