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Kacy Cunningham, Architecture

"If I’m not in studio working on my latest project, you’ll probably find me hanging with my suite mates and just enjoying city life."

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Chris Jones, Business Management

"Location is everything to me. So the fact that I could attend a great school, and live in a great city, sounded like a great combination for me! Being involved in so many different things, it's great having some many things to do at both Wentworth, and in the great city of Boston."

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Susan Needleman, Computer Networking

"I love Wentworth and can’t see myself anywhere else, I am so glad I got involved!"

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Kevin Riley, Architecture

"After doing a LOT of research, and comparing WIT to other schools I realized that it was the perfect school for me.

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Kirsten Wilde, Civil Engineering

"Being involved on campus has been the best experience for me. It allows me to meet new people and find my true interests in life." 

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Vadim Manokhin, Computer Science

“I enjoy home-cooked food, listening to soundtracks of epic movies, and the company of a lively and diverse group of friends.” 

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